Sunday, May 2, 2010


A cat decided to have babies in our backyard, which is fine, except the mama cat was terrorizing our dogs. So, Eric got the mama cat and one of the babies and put them on the other side of our fence. But two of the kittens scattered, and we could not find them.

Last week we found another one of the kittens, and were able to take it to the humane society. Since then, the last one appeared, but we could not catch it! We've tried for several days, but was a little hard since Eric was out of town and all I had were three little helpers. Well, yesterday it went into the neighbor's yard and their dog got a hold of it. It seemed a little traumatized, but alright (and no, even with the neighbors help, and it being stunned we still couldn't catch it).

Well, being caught by the dog must have done some damage because this morning we found the little kitten dead in our yard. Not knowing what in the world to do with it, we had a little burial. Carter decided he wanted to to write a little note and put it on the grave. Everyone made up a few sentences (so it was quite redundant), but I was so impressed with the compassion of my boys. Who says boys can't be kind and caring?

And yes, his name was Chase...because we had been chasing him around all week. ;)

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